Ever since the movie and book “The Secret” came out, there has been an overwhelming interest in the Law of Attraction. Unfortunately, many of the products being marketed today, are being created by internet marketers who don’t have the proper background to understand how it works and what methods work and which ones may actually cause more harm than good.

I was first introduced to the “Law of Attraction” from Napoleon Hill’s classic work-”Think and Grow Rich.” Although Hill’s book has helped many people, it has also driven others to the depths of despair. His work was not based on scientific principles but, on a series of interviews that he did with the rich and famous of his day. His method of applying the “Law” was the simple process of visualization and therein lies the problem.

Yes, for a small percentage of people, visualization will work but, you need a predisposition for visualization or it can do much more harm than good. If you grew up in the right supportive background where you have few limiting beliefs, then visualization may work for you. However, if you grew up with constant negativity, you may have serious problems with using the “Law of Attraction” with the use of simple visualization. The end result may be attracting even more negative realities into your life.

One thing that you must understand from the start is that the “Law of Attraction” is founded on a valid scientific basis and truly does work but, the “Law” is a two-way street and will bring about both positive and negative results. If you have a predominately negative sub-conscious, the law can easily lead you to even greater poverty.

From Hill to today’s proponents of “The Law” may be doing just as much harm as good by promoting visualization as the way to implement “The Law.” For those that have grown up with a serious negative mindset, visualization will do much more harm than good. The net result being that using simple visualization may lead you directly to the poorhouse.

Sitting in your room by yourself, visualizing that you are rich and famous normally only reinforces the negative sub-conscious mindset and you end up worse off than before. Although you may truly desire abundance, the sub-conscious sees that what you are visualizing is a lie and does it’s best to prove your conscious mind wrong and it does so in a self-sabotaging manner that could lead you directly to the poorhouse.

Back when Hill wrote his famous book, little was known about hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP). We have come a long way since Hill’s original work and now have much better tools than visualization. Hypnosis and NLP and certain other methods can affect changes in the sub-conscious without the possibly negative affects of the conflict created between the conscious and sub-conscious minds when using visualization.

In my own experience, hypnosis has been able to reprogram my sub-conscious mind so that I have little in the way of limiting beliefs. Unlike visualization, hypnosis and certain other methods speaks directly to the sub-conscious mind can affect dramatic and almost immediate effects upon our use of “The Law of Attraction.”

Understand that I am not saying that visualization does not work. In fact, with the right mindset, visualization can work very well but, only after you have created a more positive mindset by using other techniques. Once you have a basically positive mindset, visualization can be put to very good use. Hill’s belief in visualization stems from interviews of the successful people of his day but, what he did not understand was that visualization worked for these people because they already had a positive mindset and visualization was supportive of this mindset. Had he attempted to interview and use visualization with people with a poverty mindset, he would have realized the conflict that visualization and how visualization could have serious negative effects.

If you have been raised in a manner where you constantly heard no you can’t do this or that, you have to get a good job, or any other limiting beliefs, consider using one of the newer techniques to bring about the positive effects of “The Law of Attraction.” Then after you start seeing the “law” work for you, then and only then you can go back to using visualization with positive effects.

In closing, don’t let visualization drive you to the poorhouse. You were born into a world of abundance and it is your birthright. Like they say in the US Army commercials-Be All That You Can Be.

Stan Pontiere has been an avowed self-help geek since high school-more than 40 years ago. For more information on self-fulfillment please visit: http://overtherainbow.net78.net

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