Let’s have some fun with an instant visualization experience. Follow my instructions. Here we go. Sharpen your imagination, and start visualizing as I tell you.

Visualize yourself opening the refrigerator. Visualize yourself taking out a lemon. Hold the lemon in your palms. Feel the texture of it’s waxy, yellow peel and its smoothness, and feel the yellow peel ending at a point.

Slightly press the lemon in your palm, and feel the presence of fresh juice inside. Take a sharp knife and cut the lemon in two halves. Freshly released molecules of the lemon fragrance hit your nose. Smell the lemon fragrance. Now bite into the lemon.

If your mouth has salivated by now, you just had a powerful visualization experience. You haven’t actually bitten into the lemon, yet your mouth salivated in reality. That is the power of visualization.

Visualization is a very powerful technique for achievement of success in life. Visualization simply means actualization of something in mind, though that thing may not exist in reality. Visualization is not something magic.

Visualization for success is a technique to be performed based on findings arrived at by experts after research. It is well-known that athletes and sportsmen are taught to practice techniques of visualization for peak performance.

It is now well established by experts in the field that every creation which you see around yourself was an idea first. Everything, such as the buildings, the vehicles, the roads, the furniture, the pen, the paper, the computer, was first visualized by someone in his mind. Every creation, including you and me, has its origin in mind. God first visualized us in his mind and have created us in His own image.

To succeed in any endeavor, therefore, wouldn’t it be logical to first visualize your success in your mind’s eye? Certainly it is. Let me tell you how.

I have been practicing this visualization technique in my life since long. When I was a new lawyer, I often used to visualize myself standing confidently in the court, in front of judges, on my feet, and argue out my client’s case in the most persuasive manner.

Visualization techniques have helped me greatly in my success as a lawyer. I continue to practice this visualization technique even now.

With my eyes closed and while going to bed, I literally see in my mind’s eye, the courtroom in all its details; the Honorable judges sitting on the dais; I hear my case being called out by the Court Reader; me walking confidently and approaching the Bar; and beginning my argument speech in a confident style; facing the court queries in a poised manner and maintaining my poise throughout even then bombarded with difficult questions; satisfying the court and persuading them to my way of thinking; the manner of my pronunciation; the tone of speech; my gestures etc.

You can apply this visualization technique to succeed in any area of your life. You may improve relationships, such as dating the most attractive girl, having wonderful relationship with your spouse.

You may be able to learn the new skills such as public speaking, driving a car. You can even learn to be more confident and assertive using visualization technique, such as approaching the boss for a raise/promotion, saying no to something that you don’t want to do. You too can practice visualization for achieving success in any area of your life.

  • Identify the area of your life which you want to succeed in.
  • Practice visualization every night while going to bed and every morning on awakening.
  • Close your eyes and create mental pictures during visualization.
  • Let your mental pictures be in as much detail as possible.
  • Have the visualization experience through your own eyes. This means that you have to visualize as if you’re in the real world. You should not look at yourself from a third person’s point of view.
  • See yourself actually succeeding in your endeavor during your visualization process.
  • During visualization experience, mix your emotions with the experience.
  • Believe, strongly believe, that whatever you are visualizing WIIL manifest in reality. Remember your visualization experience is not just the mind’s play. You are actually creating, and placing an order of your desire, intention with the universe.
  • To achieve best results, internalize the visualized experience. Let it become a part of your being.

Nahush Khubalkar is a lawyer, speaker and writer based in India. He learns and applies success principles, skills for presonal development for the betterment of his life. He loves to share his insights with, and to make a positive difference in the lives of those who desire to lead a positive and meaningful life. Visit him at http://www.successmantras.blogspot.com

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