Power of Visualization Review

Visualization is a very important tool for co-creating your reality. Perhaps you visualize every day and perhaps you don’t visualize the things that you desire at all. Power of Visualization is a great for harnessing the power of the law of attraction. Here are 3 ways that you can improve your visualizations and, in turn, empower the law of attraction to bring your dreams to fruition.

1. Visualize in 1st Person

One mistake that most people make is that they use the power of visualization in 3rd person. You should not be the observer in your visualizations. When you close your eyes and start visualizing whatever it is that you desire make sure that you visualize yourself in 1st person.power of visualization

Remember that your thoughts create your reality so when you are visualizing you want to visualize the goal as being already accomplished and you want to use theĀ power of visualization yourself actively enjoying the results as opposed to being an observer of the results.

2. Use All Your Senses

Develop Power of Visualization

One way to supercharge your success with power of visualization is to incorporate all 5 senses into your visualization. If you’re focused on attracting a new car then don’t just visualize yourself driving the new car. Develop your ability to smell the new car smell, and hear the purr of the engine. This is a powerful technique that will bring results faster than you could imagine.

3. Repetition or Consistency

If you decide that you want a brand new home and you use power of visualization to visualize that brand new home just one time then there isn’t very much power behind those thoughts. You need to remain focused and visualize on a consistent basis. Try to focus on one specific thing for a 4-6 week period and see what happens. Thoughts are things and those thoughts tend to manifest into reality quicker when they are thought on a repetitive and consistent basis. Energy flows where attention goes and in order to manifest the things that you are actively visualizing then you need to focus as much energy as possible on those things.

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