Visualizations Review

Even though sport athletes train their body very hard to become the champions that they are, they cannot put aside the visualizations part which they use to be the best at what they do.

The runner, the swimmer, the basket ball player or the skater, all of them know all too well the power of visualizing their every move before going to the field and execute the those moves.

Why do athletes use visualizations?

Athletes are aware of the fact that visualizations act for the mind the same way a physical action does. It has been proved that visualizing a physical action triggers the same brain waves as doing the same action physically.visualizations

This is why athletes rehearse as much mentally as they do physically. The difference is that when doing the move mentally by visualizing it, they can do it perfectly, just as they want it to be. This helps them to perfect the physical action.

If athletes are using visualizations to trigger their subconscious mind to help them perfect their sport, how much more so, do you think you could use the technique of visualization to perform everything better in your life?

Whether you are aware of it or not, you practice visualizations every day, every hour of the day. The problem is that if your mental visualizations are not in check they are just running wild or going nowhere at all. Not only this will not serve you in a positive way, but it could even prevent you to succeed. For your visualizations to serve you well, you need to be able to control them.

How do you control your mental visualizations?

You control them by becoming aware. The best way to start to become aware of your mental visualizations is to become aware of your thoughts. For example, depressed people are more likely to visualize depressing scenarios happening to them. As they do, their situation worsens because of them visualizing negative things happening to them.

Just like you are made aware of your muscles as you exercise every day. Become aware of what you see in your mind by exercising your brain, forcing your mind to visualize positive images and scenarios that you would want to find yourself in.

Dedicate 10-15 minutes to yourself each day. Seat on the floor, on a comfortable chair or just lay down on a bed in a quiet room where you can have some privacy. Close your eyes and force yourself to visualize a happy situation or place where you want to be. Once you’ve find the place, try touching something there. For example, when I was visualizing my dream kitchen, I would visualize myself in the kitchen and touch the granite counter. Feeling this counter (in my mind), its coldness, its smoothness and everything else I could imagine would make my kitchen so real, it was as if I was already there.

The more your visualization is real and full of details the sooner you will bring your visualizations about in your life.

Visualization is that wonderful part of the brain that allows us to see with our mind’s eyes. Most people are oblivious that this aptitude of the brain has a purpose. This purpose is to serve you to bring about what you desire in your life.

Would you like to start manifesting your goals and desire? Yes, you can manifest any goal, desire or life dream that you may have. If you can control your thoughts, you can control your life. How do I control my thoughts? You may ask. You don’t have to do it alone. We can take you by the hand and help you along the way, until you are able to master your thoughts and attract the life that you’ve always wanted.

There is a simple and highly efficient process which will help you use the power of intention to reprogram your mind with the help of visualization. Dream Manifesto is a program intended to help you discover and experience the power of visualization and help change your life.

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