Progress and Creative Visualization Review

“Creative visualization is magic in the truest and in the best sense of the word. This involves understanding and bringing yourself into line with the natural principles that govern the workings of our universe, and the study of the principles in the most conscious and creative way. ”

By Shakti Gawain, the high priestess of personal development, from her book “Creative Visualization”.

A Big Mistake Regarding Creative Visualization

In the 2006 film “The Secret,” The Law of Attraction was presented to a vast audience. The concept has ancient roots and is widespread in many cultures today. creative visualization

Yet still, many people associate this philosophy with the new Age  or New Thought movement. I’m here to tell you now, this is far from the case.  I am here to tell you also that Creative visualization can radically help in the development of personality and healing in ways the defy description.

Yet it seems strange that Rhona Byne  (the ‘Secret’s author) seems to have chosen to focus on this attribute the least. She opts instead to concentrate on a mother lode of confusing fringe methods that have only minor actual merit. Similarly, in her new book, The Power, The really powerful creative visualization techniques hardly rate a mention.  Is she really keeping the “penultimate” secret to herself?  Go Figure.

Truth be known, the creative visualization process is inseparable from the law of attraction and manifestation.  It is by far the most powerful; the most effective; and in fact, the ONLY true discipline that affects the Law of Attraction.  All other disciplines pay homage to Creative Visualization, and that’ why most claim they fail to work.


The famous occultist Aleister Crowley defined the law as “the science and art of creating changes that may occur in accordance with the will.” This is the basic premise of expression.

The Law of attraction is based on the fact that everything in the universe is comprised of energy, including thoughts.  But thoughts are, in essence, considerations emanating principally form images. So in other words the source of all thoughts is imagery or imagination.

The energy of a certain frequency vibrations attract similar energy. If thoughts of images radiate energy and are able to attract a similar energy, a new circumstance is created. Hence, the imagination, yielding thought, affects both internal and the external reality.

Definition Crowley says that people form an external reality, the necessary result based on what their intentions coincide with.  The extent to which desired changes can occur, depends on the strength or concentration of the will.  If you substitute Creative Visualization for the word will, greater accuracy ensues.

Yet, despite the fact that this theory has supporters in the field of quantum physics, many scientists consider it a pseudoscience.


Studies have repetitively shown that creative visualization can effectively help people create positive physical change in moat aspects of life. In a famous study published in Research Quarterly, British psychologist Alan Richardson demonstrated that athletes can orchestrate improvement in  muscle memory through visualization of certain sporting activities. So that athletes who visualized winning moves on a daily basis for 20 days exhibited improved results to virtually the same degree during the same time period, as athletes who practiced physically.

Specifically, three basketball teams of equal standing were selected for this control experiment. For the following fortnight, one team was instructed to effectively “retire” from basketball, one was instructed to continue practicing formally, and the other was instructed to substitute physical practice with practice and improvement in their imagination only.

At subsequent playoffs, the “retired” team exhibited no effective improvement, as anticipated, but both the physically “practicing” team together with the “creatively visualizing practicing “team exhibited near-equal substantial improvement.


Creative visualization used in its most effective form,  can enhance strength, improve attention, demolish negative thinking, and dislodge destructive self-images. Creative Visualization is a cognitive process and as such, may improve the health of mental models, transforming nearly every conceivable unwelcome situation or condition into a far, far more favorable one.

Creative visualization is an ancient practice that is as pertinent today as it was thousands of years ago. Learn now how creative visualization can help you achieve personal growth.

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