Guided Creative Visualization Review

The “right” way to visualize is a very personal thing.

The basic elements are to:

1) Start with the right mindset,

2) Create a clear mental image or picture of your intended outcome and hold your focus upon it,

3) Allow your body and mind to experience the emotions and feelings that would be associated with achieving your desired outcome, as if it had already happened.

Every now and then, when I’m interviewing a new coaching client, the topic of Guided Creative Visualization will come up. They sometimes tell me things like “Creative visualization doesn’t really work for me”, or “I don’t really believe in visualization”.Guided Creative Visualization

Does this sound like you?

Before I discuss the key ingredients for success with Guided Creative Visualization, I want you to consider those two responses -

- “Guided Creative Visualization doesn’t really work for me”

- “I don’t really believe in Guided Creative Visualization”

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to quickly realize that both of these responses are actually a mindset problem, and not a visualization problem.

Let’s think back to the immortal quote by Henry Ford – “If you think you CAN do a thing, or think you CAN’T do a thing, you’re RIGHT!”

If you are adopting the limiting belief that visualizing doesn’t work, then that will become your reality. But the best news is that the opposite is also true…

If you believe that guided creative visualization works, then it ABSOLUTELY will work for you!

But HOW do you adopt this new belief, (or for that matter, any new belief)? You must start by observing and then experiencing proof…both social and physical, and then by visualizing as often as possible.

First, let’s tackle proof…

You already know that ALL things are created twice, first in the mind and then in our physical reality. This is the EXACT formula for success with creative visualization. Just try to think of anything in your existence that did not originate from a thought in someone else’s mind…it simply cannot be done.

And here is some social proof…

Everywhere around you, you are hearing about the Law of Attraction. And there is certainly no shortage of people or information available on the subject. Some of the discussions are clever marketing and hype, but the baseline premise is that YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU FOCUS YOUR MIND UPON.

That part about Guided Creative Visualization is definitely true.

And therein lies a critical key to success with ALL Guided Creative Visualization…adopting the mindset that it DOES work, and then by practicing visualizing often.

If you are relatively new to visualization, I’d suggest that you take up a bit of study on the subject. There are many excellent resources available, and one of my personal favorites is a book written by Shakti Gawain, simply titled “Creative Visualization”. You can find it on or on her website .

This little book provides numerous tips and techniques that you can begin incorporating into your daily routine. I highly recommend it for helping you to learn how to create clear mental images, understanding the relationship between your thoughts and your outcomes, and how to clear your mind of limiting beliefs which may be inhibiting your success with Guided Creative Visualization.

Finally, you must emotionalize your Guided Creative Visualization in order to create a vibrational match between your imagined desire, and the physical equivalent of that desire.

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