There is great power in the subconscious mind to manifest all your desires. The question is how can you do it successfully? While there are many techniques out there to tap the power of the subconscious mind, creative visualization is one of the simplest yet most effective techniques I ever come across.

Before we delve into the secrets of creative visualization, what exactly is creative visualization? Creative visualization is simply the process of forming mental images in our mind’s eye and making them come true. In layman’s terms, it’s a combination of imagination and strong emotions to send a message to your subconscious mind. And the better you are at sending this message, the higher the probability of you attaining your desires.

Secret of Creative Visualization Tip #1

Visualization begins with you. When you visualize, you have to be in the picture. Let’s say you are visualizing a car, model, color, type etc… but the crux lies in visualizing yourself driving or riding in that car.

Secret of Creative Visualization Tip #2

Too many people are confused with the term visualize and are lost when it comes to visualizing. Keep it simple. Visualizing is simply thinking pictures. Just remember to involve yourself fin those pictures.

Secret of Creative Visualization Tip #3

You have to believe that you truly deserve what you visualize and desire. You got to do it passion, conviction and belief. Never lose faith.

Secret of Creative Visualization Tip #4

Visualization is an activity that has to be done consistently and repeatedly. During the initial stage, you may have doubt with the process but as you do it repeatedly, it focuses you on your goal and slowly influences the subconscious to believe that it’s real.

Secret of Creative Visualization Tip #5

You can do your visualization exercise with your eyes open. Just stay relax, get yourself comfortable and picture that image in your mind’s eye.

Creative visualization is that simple. All it takes is about 5-10 minutes of your daily routine and the benefits to your mind and body is tremendous. Doing this before you embark on your day keeps you relax yet focus on the things you truly want in life. Once you finish your visualization, let it go, let the subconscious mind do the rest of the work while you get on to your work.

Remember, unleash the hidden power of the subconscious mind with creative visualization is easy.

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