A lot have been written about the Law of Attraction but not so much about how to apply it in your every day life to attain your desires. Creative visualization is a powerful technique that will get you there. You are about to find out the highly effective methods of visualization that can enable you to manifest your goals.

You may have heard loads about how strong creative visualization is in assisting you to obtain what you seek. But is this merely a daydream or does it really work? In case you’ve been questioning or even unconvinced about this, there is scientific proof to back up the power of visualization?

So How Can You Get Creative Visualization Working For You?

The concept of creative visualization originated from the belief that you could cause something to happen when you think about it. By itself, that notion may be steering towards magic and may be construed by others as a miracle however any sensible individual knows that you have to take action to make things happen.

Visualization and thinking are entwined and both have unequivocal impact on your emotions and ideas. These in turn drive your actions and these actions are the pulling power of manifesting what you want.

Each time we talk, this causes vibration which is connected to each nerve within the body. This also relates to our thoughts and feelings. Consequently, your thoughts, your verbal expression and any images you generate in your mind send nerve impulses to your brain, which prepares you for definite actions.

So, as ideas are constantly impressed on your subconscious mind through the practice of visualization, your mind becomes programmed to automatically send nerve impulses to your body in harmony with your thoughts and the feelings they generate.

Everyone has a pattern of thought; that is, the type of things you frequently ponder on. They form a pattern and become habitual. These patterns of thought create neural pathway in your brain which causes your thought energy to adopt matching neural path, in the same way as water finds a path and flows in a certain direction.

So repetitive visualizations when linked with positive affirmations develop into such a potent power and in time, become automatic patterns of thought. As soon as they are formed, these automatic patterns of thought develop into subconscious habit. Can you therefore imagine how highly effective these upbeat patterns of thought will become, at both conscious and subconscious levels?

Now that you know how highly effective creative visualization is, you can start using it to define YOUR ideas and feelings, which also generate beneficial results.

How to Visualize Creatively

To achieve your goals through visualization, there are five essential principles that will assist you to take advantage of this incredible energy:

Step 1. Learn to Control Your Thoughts

Creative visualization causes you to become conscious of the activities of your mind and try to control your thoughts, which is not something you can just begin doing. It is advisable to study the techniques and begin gradually.

It takes constant practice so that the greater control that you have over your thoughts the more effective your creative visualizations and the results you get.

Step 2. Define Your Goals

Definiteness of purpose is essential in creative visualization and it’s worthwhile to be exact. Keep in mind that you are trying to condition your mind and it is essential that you are perfectly clear what images you might be transmitting to it. Confused images will generate like results.

Deciding what you want keeps you from changing your priorities frequently and helps you to develop a specific pattern of thought that’s consistent with what you want.

Step 3. Use All Your Senses

Effective creative visualization takes more than just the use of your visual sense (mind’s eye); it’s essential that you also engage your auditory stimuli such as recorded positive affirmations; smells which remind you of fabulous surroundings (if your goal is monetary abundance) and other sensory input which will enable you to craft a robust picture in your subconscious mind.

Because of the significance of the senses in creative visualization, it’s crucial that you also develop the habit of becoming aware of the mode of your senses and enlist them often to influence your mind in the way that relates to what you might be hoping to accomplish.

Step 4. Be Consistent

Just as you exercise your body to remain fit and tone your muscle groups, the same ideas apply to creative visualization, which additionally necessitates consistent discipline of your thoughts by way of reducing the mind chatter. As soon as you slow down or stop, you’ll begin to notice a decrease in your results.

But it’s also important to remember the amount of time you require is less than half an hour of visualization daily consistently. This is sufficient time to cultivate the practice of directing your mind positively and in a focused way.

Step 5. Practice Visual Thought Exercise

Building a “vision board” will vastly improve the results you obtain from creative visualization. Pick up a poster board and begin collecting photos of stuff that you actually want and design the “vision board”. In addition to the photographs of what you want, put a couple of pictures of yourself on your vision board.

In this way you’re really conditioning your subconscious mind to see yourself and the things you really desire as same image. Put your vision board somewhere you could see it daily, and make sure that you devote some time looking at it. With enough repetition, you’ll start to observe that these pictures will turn into the principal “thought pictures” in your mind and would boost your creative visualization appreciably.

You’ll in addition begin to notice things all through the day that are in line with the things you truly want. After sufficient practice, these newly embedded ideas will begin to encourage your actions to generate new results. Visualization is an incredibly powerful approach for taking advantage of the Law of Attraction to realize your dreams. You can even endeavor to create your personal Mind Movie.

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