Description: Creative Visualization is a meditative thought process that enables any positive-thinking individual to actually manifest his or her most heartfelt desires, just by thinking about them. Whether the person wants or needs success, peace, happiness, prosperity, or anything else, the act of Creative Visualization can guide that person along the path of making those needs or desires become tangible and real.

The idea of using Creative Visualization to manifest one’s dreams is not a new concept. However, only recently, has it come to the attention of the scientific community, specifically quantum physicists, who have uncovered the secrets that hold the key to understanding how it works.

This eBook talks more in depth about what Creative Visualization is and how it works. Then, it shares examples of some of the techniques used to integrate the practice into one’s life. When used correctly, Creative Visualization is a very powerful tool that can greatly enhance one’s life. The final chapter talks about enlightening ways in which the practice can be used.

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