Anger Control; If You Want To Learn How To Control

Description: Does anger negatively impact your life? Would you like to learn how to control your anger and negative behavior? Are you interested in anger management techniques and getting to the causes of anger? Take charge of your emotions and learn the answers to these questions and more with this book, Anger Control. Anger Control looks at the causes of anger; fear of rejection, loneliness, defensiveness, protection, and other emotional issues and then equips you to reflect on the causes of your anger. Once you can determine the root of your anger, this book teaches you practical strategies to control your anger, such as visualization, taking a walk, journaling, and others. You don’t have to let anger control you, you can take control of your emotions. For parents, this book also includes information on how to deal with a child or teenager who may have anger management problems and how to get help for your family.

See for yourself the valuable information included in this book! Here is a list of the chapter titles :

Chapter 1 : The Hideous Poison of Anger
Chapter 2 : Anger And Rejections
Chapter 3 : Anger : To Control or To Learn
Chapter 4 : Are You Addicted to Anger?
Chapter 5 : Why Do We Need to Control Anger?
Chapter 6 : Controlling Anger
Chapter 7 : Do You Need Anger Management?
Chapter 8 : Anger Management Seminars
Chapter 9 : Try These Anger Management Techniques
Chapter 10 : Anger Management Therapy for Dementia Patients
Chapter 11 : Stress-Relief Tips for Anger Management Children
Chapter 12 : Adolescent Anger Management Strategies
Chapter 13 : 5 Simple Steps to Controlling Your Anger
Chapter 14 : How to Use the Power of Visualization to Control and Conquer Anger

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  • Title: Anger Control; If You Want To Learn How To Control Your Anger, Then Read This Guide To Anger Management Techniques, Visualization, Behavior Therapy, Controlling Your Temper And More

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