Goal Setting Review

Visualization is one of the most powerful tools. In several studies it has been shown that those who visualize their goal setting often achieved rapid success. I would almost be tempted to say that a goal setting plan that did not include visualization would not be very successful. There are several benefits to using visualization. When you understand the real benefit to visualization you will find it easier to accomplish your goals.

Three Benefits of Visualization for Goal Settinggoal setting

  • The first benefit of visualization to goal setting is that it forces you to become clear about what you truly want. When you visualize you create an ideal scenario. That scenario includes all the details of what you are hoping to accomplish. When you visualize an ideal scenario which surrounds your ideal goal you are creating a blueprint of what you want.
  • The second benefit to visualization is that it helps you in overcoming your fears. One of the main reasons why people fail to accomplish their goal is due to fear. In their mind they feel uncertain. Perhaps they worry about the steps which lead to the goal. However when they visualize the goal it subconsciously removes the fears. If you could see the end result of your goal in your mind it helps to make you more comfortable and fearless.
  • Third benefit to visualization is the reprogramming of your subconscious mind. Before you can achieve any goal you must be able to see it clearly in your mind. Those images alter your subconscious mind. Whatever image you are holding in your subconscious mind happened more quickly in your life. So if you previously struggled to accomplish any of your goals you can now do so more rapidly by incorporating visualization to the mix.

However while visualization can alter your subconscious mind and bring about lasting changes not everyone knows how to visualize. It is necessary to be able to mentally see and connect with your goals and if you cannot do that then your success rate will be quite limited. How well do you visualize? How vivid are the images in your mind?

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